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Above are some photos of servicing work we recently carried out at a care home in Camberley, Surrey. All three of the Potterton 215 kilowatt commercial boilers were completely stripped and serviced. We are often asked what a routine service consists of, there is no straight forward answer for this as every boiler is different and every manufacture has different service requirements for their boilers. But as an example of what could be included in a service, here is what is included in the service of these three Potterton boilers. 

Before any work is carried out a visual inspection of the installation is carried out to check it complies with current regulations. Some basic operational checks are then carried out to the boilers, ensuring that the boilers are operating well before any servicing takes place. This is purely to try and identify any existing issues with the appliance before any work is undertaken. The boilers are then shut down and several components were removed, each component is visually inspected as it is removed. Once the components are removed cleaning begins on the boiler, the heat exchanger airways are flushed with clean water, the burner and fan are cleaned with compressed air, the electrode assemblies are cleaned with a small wire brush and the condensate trap is cleared of debris. Once all of the cleaning has taken place the boilers are then reassembled in reverse order, installing several new seals. 

Once reassembled the boilers are tested for operation and several other checks are carried out, these include:

  • Appliance gas tightness test (Testing for gas leaks)
  • Inlet gas supply pressure when appliance is operating at maximum output.
  • Flue gas analysis and adjustment of combustion at maximum output.
  • Flue gas analysis and adjustment of combustion at minimum output.
  • Check correct operation of safety devices.

Once all of the above has been carried out the boiler casings are wiped down and the boilers are put into general operation.

This is the kind of standards our engineers at CommGas Maintenance work to on a daily basis. We are able to carry out commercial boiler services in Surrey and commercial boiler services in London. 

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